IMG_3867 Restoration, Endangered bumble-bee conservation

 I am a PhD Biology candidate at York University  studying  restoration ecology. Specifically, my research  aims to determine the habitat requirements for conserving endangered bumble-bees within Southern Ontario

I completed by M.Sc. in Biology at York Univerisityin 2016. My thesis focused on determining if shrub facilitation could increase the establishment of native annual forbs within a invaded arid shrubland in California. To test this, I planted five annual forb species within shrub and open microsites, with and without exclosures and with and without non-native species removals. IMG_6103.JPG

IMG_4793 I completed my B.Sc. (Hons) degree Majoring in Biology in 2014  from York University. Here, I gained my first research  experience as an honours thesis student with my current M.Sc.  supervisor, Christopher Lortie. My project looked at how  positive interactions can shape seed biology characteristics and  germination. It was this first experience that showed me that  research, and most of all fieldwork, are my passions and drove  me to begin my graduate school career.

IMG_3744 After completing my undergraduate degree, I have spent  the majority of my time trekking through deserts  conducting field work research including landscape level  surveys, shrub trait analyses, plant trait analyses, kangaroo  rat surveys, leopard lizard surveys, and desert animal  surveys


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