when one door closes…

another one opens!

Unfortunately the odd phenology in California this year + inadequate planning on my part resulted in my seed addition plants dying out before making it to full biomass. Alas this is ecology and ecological field work

lesson learned! Plan ahead and plant with watering – if only it were that simple.

Although I am disappointed the experiment did not succeed I will be repeating it next year and instead I have been brainstorming on additional projects to do and ways to improve other experiments I have going.

I hope to…
1) continue with Pinnacles bunch grass timed removal experiments layering in some addition abiotic, biotic and landscape level factors
2) conduct landscape and microsite level surveys pre-shrub removal experiment
3) pilot lizard tracking methods and develop survey methods
4) collect seed
5) set up some exciting manipulations for experiments next year pending approval


One thought on “when one door closes…

  1. Sounds interesting with re seeding and am thinking about trying to help increase biodiversity of wild flowers on our land. Sufficient water seems key and am sorry there is such a problem of drought in California. Is this alerting people and government to a climate change reality.


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